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Who wins here at The RandT?


After what seems like an eternity, the U.S. Presidential race is finally winding down. With 6 days left (and in an effort to make our blog seem provocative), we decided to ask our staff who would they vote for and why.

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What we’re listening to…

Albums we are currently listening to and can’t seem to get enough of…

TV on the Radio “Dear Science”

TV on the Radio amps up the groove and flow on their latest release. Building on “Return to Cookie Mountain‘s” lush, atmospheric sonic landscape, TVOTR push the melodies forward and accomplish their most accessible release yet.

Favorite Track: Current single “Golden Age“. TVOTR sound like our generation’s Cool and the Gang. Trust us, this is NOT a bad thang

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When Old People Happen to great Sci-Fi shows…

Trekkies everywhere have watched with tearful eyes the escalating, ongoing feud between William “Cpt. Kirk” Shatner and George “Mr. Sulu” Takei go places where two has-been, space pioneers have never gone before. In what may be the most explosive Star trek feud yet, Shatner, 76, blasted Takei, 71, for not inviting him to his wedding.

Why did we even waste time on this article?

We’re still wondering why…

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Back in Black

Hey Everyone,

We are glad to be back after a 3-month hiatus.  With me settling into my new job at Apple and Travis applying his stalwart neuroses to the intricacies and complexities of the bohemian Singles life, we had been unable to come back to our beloved blog for a while.

But what a while it has been!

Lots has happened and there is LOTS we want to rant about.

After hitting a new peak with more than 8,000 views in a single day, we want to make sure our dysmorphic, convoluted worldview continues to enrich, uplift and inspire lives for years to come.

You know…, like Oprah.

Make sure you visit our Alerts section to subscribe to The RandT, and continue this beautiful journey down the rabbit hole with us.

You know…, like Dr. Phil.

Thanks for sticking around! Its great to be back.

-The RandT

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