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When Old People Happen to great Sci-Fi shows…

Trekkies everywhere have watched with tearful eyes the escalating, ongoing feud between William “Cpt. Kirk” Shatner and George “Mr. Sulu” Takei go places where two has-been, space pioneers have never gone before. In what may be the most explosive Star trek feud yet, Shatner, 76, blasted Takei, 71, for not inviting him to his wedding.

Why did we even waste time on this article?

We’re still wondering why…


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We love you, Alec Baldwin.

We wanted to take a moment and express our love for Alec Baldwin. No matter how many brothers you have Alec, we love you. And not for winning over our hearts in “The Hunt For Red October” and “Beetlejuice“. 

It’s for your flawless and consistently hysterical performance of controlling, suave network executive Jack Donaghy on NBC’s hit comedy series, “30 Rock“. You make us laugh sir. Oh, you make us laugh.

Watch this…

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‘Lost’ Explained?





So lets talk ABC’s “Lost” for a minute. After a particularly grueling time last ½ season, its great to see Lost return with a healthy dose of what made the show great in the first place. Highly Imaginative Writing with Substance. Who knows? Maybe the writer’s strike was the best thing that happened to the show.

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