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Happy New Year!!

Hey Everyone,

Thank you for your continued support and feedback! We hope your Holiday Season was as wonderful as ours.

Looking forwards to 2009!!!!!

Here’s to ya…



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Back in Black

Hey Everyone,

We are glad to be back after a 3-month hiatus.  With me settling into my new job at Apple and Travis applying his stalwart neuroses to the intricacies and complexities of the bohemian Singles life, we had been unable to come back to our beloved blog for a while.

But what a while it has been!

Lots has happened and there is LOTS we want to rant about.

After hitting a new peak with more than 8,000 views in a single day, we want to make sure our dysmorphic, convoluted worldview continues to enrich, uplift and inspire lives for years to come.

You know…, like Oprah.

Make sure you visit our Alerts section to subscribe to The RandT, and continue this beautiful journey down the rabbit hole with us.

You know…, like Dr. Phil.

Thanks for sticking around! Its great to be back.

-The RandT

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What happened in Des Moines?

Yeah, Ok…. Now its old news. But you gotta wonder, why didn’t anybody know about the flooding in Des Moines, Iowa? You could ask a friend, a co-worker, or your lover during your hot, steamy, sex session and you’d get the same reaction: a blank, confused stare.

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Ok, back to Political blogging…

Although we’d been waiting, until the Democratic race was over so we’d have factually interesting material to cover, this last week and the polemicists in us, gave us some stuff to share with you all.

First off, the Bush Administration‘s long-standing ties with Saudi Arabia didn’t do much to move Riyadh to action…

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Still Waiting… (Politics Boycott)

Here at The RandT we remain committed to our vow of political silence until the Democratic race is over. 


Barack Obama; a significant lead, a lotta money and a new endorsement from John Edwards. Hillary quickly reaching the mathematical impossibility of losing the race, although she is securing a lead in “Most Crazy-Looking Senator Faces to Surface on the Web“. C’mon, guys! Can we call it day? 

We’ll be waiting for the whole McCain smackdown. 

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A Restless Rant on Birthday Duty- Pt.2

Standing amidst this birthday party for a little girl whose name I’ll never memorize, no matter how many times my daughter tells me how awesome she is, I ponder my next move. The Guys crowd.

I purport I am good people. I’m a functional adult with a mortgage. Happy husband and a good Dad. I pay my bills and taxes on time. I get along with my neighbors. I am a pretty respectable citizen and yet I know I let down my entire family’s male bloodline in a few key areas.

Like the application of automobiles and sports as suitable conversation subject matter…

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Boo to the Number 32

I do not like the number 32.


I do not like it at all.

That’s why I’d like to say Boo to you,


Boo to 32 is a ball!

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