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The RandT’s 2008 Viral Top 10

2008 was another great year for Viral Videos. Here are our favorites:

# 10 –  Pop & Lockin’… for Christ

Check out the rest…!!!

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When Old People Happen to great Sci-Fi shows…

Trekkies everywhere have watched with tearful eyes the escalating, ongoing feud between William “Cpt. Kirk” Shatner and George “Mr. Sulu” Takei go places where two has-been, space pioneers have never gone before. In what may be the most explosive Star trek feud yet, Shatner, 76, blasted Takei, 71, for not inviting him to his wedding.

Why did we even waste time on this article?

We’re still wondering why…

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Worst Album Covers Ever 3!!!!!


Madonna “Hard Candy”                   Wally Whyton “Its Me, Mum!         Menudo “Mania”

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Could this man be our next president??



Would you vote for this man? He’s actually on the ballot. Don’t believe us? Please read on or click on the image.

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Southland Tales – What The…?


Has anybody else seen this movie? Has anybody else even heard of this movie? I knew nothing about it and just watched it on a whim after seeing the title on the internet. How do I feel afterwards? Unsettled.

It’s another flick from Richard Kelly, who wrote/directed cult classic Donnie Darko. Thought Donnie Darko was a confusing, convoluted mind-f@*k? Ha, wait ’til you see this one; to strike a metaphor, Southland Tales is the quantum mechanics to Donnie Darko’s long division.

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Weird News: Woman bites pit bull defending her dog…

Yeah, we couldn’t believe it either…


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