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Happy New Year!!

Hey Everyone,

Thank you for your continued support and feedback! We hope your Holiday Season was as wonderful as ours.

Looking forwards to 2009!!!!!

Here’s to ya…



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Back in Black

Hey Everyone,

We are glad to be back after a 3-month hiatus.  With me settling into my new job at Apple and Travis applying his stalwart neuroses to the intricacies and complexities of the bohemian Singles life, we had been unable to come back to our beloved blog for a while.

But what a while it has been!

Lots has happened and there is LOTS we want to rant about.

After hitting a new peak with more than 8,000 views in a single day, we want to make sure our dysmorphic, convoluted worldview continues to enrich, uplift and inspire lives for years to come.

You know…, like Oprah.

Make sure you visit our Alerts section to subscribe to The RandT, and continue this beautiful journey down the rabbit hole with us.

You know…, like Dr. Phil.

Thanks for sticking around! Its great to be back.

-The RandT

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Raf’s Latest FSM Article

Check out Raf’s latest article for Frisco Style Magazine here.

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Travis’ Diary

Crack Head

Dear Diary,

Much has happened since my last report. My hair is approximately 0.06 inches longer, which is encouraging, so I will continue the mayonnaise treatments. I have cut my fingernails only once, one time less than the usual. The declining growth rate of my fingernails has intrigued me. Since the last data gathering, I have diminished my vitamin B intake by 15
% and I am inclined to believe that this is the contributing factor to my loss in fingernail growth.

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Hello world!


Welcome to The RandT, a ranting blog for you and me.

Film, Music, Politics, TV, Current Events and the latest in David Hasselhoff.  Pretty much anything under the sun.

Have fun!        

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