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Hear no Evil Pt. 2

As if we didn’t learn our lesson last time, again, we would like to take a moment and kindly extend our sincerest BOO to the following artists and their most recent releases.




Why we can’t stand them?  The Gallagher brothers do it again. They get you all riled up by cranking out a single that sounds like they’ve finally come back to the ultra-cool mojo they had on “Definitely Maybe”. Then you find out the rest is the same old banal, half-assed Beatles ripoff crap we’ve become accustomed to on every album after “Be Here Now”.

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The RandT’s 2008 Viral Top 10

2008 was another great year for Viral Videos. Here are our favorites:

# 10 –  Pop & Lockin’… for Christ

Check out the rest…!!!

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Happy New Year!!

Hey Everyone,

Thank you for your continued support and feedback! We hope your Holiday Season was as wonderful as ours.

Looking forwards to 2009!!!!!

Here’s to ya…


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