The RandT Book Club – June Entry

Our official June selection for The RandT Book Club is Chuck Palahniuk’s latest, “SNUFF

In Palahniuk’s, tawdry, twisted return to form, Cassie Wright is an aging porn queen, ready for her last hurrah, in the form of the world’s largest gang bang – 600 men. Some are there because they are huge fans; some are hoping to become porn stars themselves. And some are there for very personal reasons…

Told from the perspective of 4 different people we meet Sheila, the coordinator and the woman who brought the idea to Cassie. Mr. 72, a barely-legal kid who believes Cassie is his biological mother. Mr. 137, a prime-time actor trying to rebuild his career after a homosexual sex scandal. Mr. 600, Cassie’s one-time lover and frequent co-star, here to do his old friend a favor. It is tough to say much more about the plot without giving too much away, but it is safe to say that Cassie realizes that this might be a permanent retirement for her. Screwing 600 men could very well kill her.

Check it out today!



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