Who wins here at The RandT?


After what seems like an eternity, the U.S. Presidential race is finally winding down. With 6 days left (and in an effort to make our blog seem provocative), we decided to ask our staff who would they vote for and why.

Raf – Senior Editor  (OBAMA)

“He’s cool, collected, qualified and intellectually curious. Plus, my mom is African-American and she said that he actually is black enough. Not Collin Powell black.

Travis – Editor (OBAMA)

“And not Bryant Gumbel black either. Not the-founder-of-Black Republican Magazine black. Not Jesse Jackson black. Not Al Roker black.”

“He’s Marvin Gaye black.”

Unicorn – Senior Correspondent (McCAIN)

He’s experienced and he’s a maverick. Like a minotaur, he is an experivick. As an imaginary entity that travels between dimensions, and has seen our own parallel universe-believe me, its important.

Ninja Dwarf 1Staff Writer (OBAMA)
“I was for McCain all along, until I heard the most poignant argument of the entire race yesterday. McCain’s wife, Cindy is hot… and you know she’s not getting any. I feel it is our duty as proud Americans to keep McCain at home to better her odds.”                                                            ghgghhghghghghghghghghghhghghhghghghghghghghhghghghghghghghhgj

Ninja Dwarf 2Contributor (McCAIN)

“I hate moose. With Palin in the White House, my life-goal of erasing this vile species off the face of this planet might become a reality. Plus she’s milf-alicious. Hyahhhhhhh!“I hate moose. With Palin in the White House, my life-goal of erasing moose from the face of this planet might become a reality. Plus she’s milf-aliciou

Ninja Dwarf 3Blog Muscle and Senior Researcher ( ? )
Editor’s Note: Ninja Dwarf 3 launched a surprise attack on us, firing an onslaught of poisonous darts and vintage cassette tapes ranging from Kenny Loggins to Sade. Travis is still in critical condition with a Debarge cassette still lodged in his ribcage. Our prayers are with him.


So with a 3 – 2 score, Obama edges out McCain here at The RandT. This very close call for Barack, who maintains a solid lead over McCain across the rest of the nation, accurately reflects just how in touch with reality WE are. Regardless of where you stand, get out and vote!


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