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The RandT’s 2008 Viral Top 10

2008 was another great year for Viral Videos. Here are our favorites:

# 10 –  Pop & Lockin’… for Christ

Check out the rest…!!!

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Tropic Thunder is a Can’t Miss

Can’t wait for Ben Stiller’s new film, Tropic Thunder, huh?

The RandT had the privilege to attend a private screening last week… Yeah, that’s right! 

Check out our review and a killer uncensored trailer…

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Samurai Champloo. Check it Out.


Samurai Champloo

It’s tough to post a blog about Japanese animation and not look like an unemployed dweeb living in a basement apartment in the suburbs somewhere.  While we can assure you that, yes, we are fully functional adults (Rafy owns his own house!), we sometimes take pleasure in an anime or two.  I just finished watching a series that, despite it’s possible negative affect on my love life, I feel the need to blog about.  
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2001: A Space Odyssey Explained

For all you movie lovers out there, we had to share this one with you…

Spent endless hours discussing Stanley Kubrick’s quiet masterpiece, 1968’s “2001: A Space Odyssey“?


Yeah, we know…

On a serious note though, considered by many as one of the greatest films ever made, 2001: A Space Odyssey left a lot of people scratching their heads. 

For all of those people I’ve met and those of you that didn’t get it, here is a little gift for you.

Follow this link and visit this site, which does a wonderful job in breaking it down for you through awesome Flash animation.



And for those of you that got it… visit the site anyway. They got some great animation going on over there.

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The New Era of Summer Blockbusters

           Remember when Hollywood discovered comic books? The big names, the good stories and the hottest heroines came first.  How awesome was it to see a living, breathing Spidey swinging from the rooftops? How about a not-so-living-and-breathing-but-still-pretty-sweet Incredible Hulk? X-men? C’mon, that was like a Chinese food buffet chocked full of super heroes instead of MSG!

            As with anything good, we devoured the comic book world like hyenas on a giraffe carcass. When the tender morsels were gone, we started chewing the cartilage and thus came Blade I, Blade II, Blade III, Catwoman, and Dare Devil (that’s right Affleck, Dare Devil was the cinematic equivalent of a rotting giraffe carcass.)  So what came next? What majestic African animal did we set the Hollywood hyena pack on? Graphic novels.

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A Brief Commentary on Discount Bins

Today, Ladies and Gentlemen, was a sad day indeed.  Truly, today will leave an indelible black tarnish upon my soul.  The transpired events have left me in a most miserable state of consciousness.

Of course, I’ll tell you what happened.  I’ll tell you the tragic discovery that drained from me a little more of my dwindling faith in the human condition.  I will warn you, however, to not take this lightly- every word of this story is true and telling it requires none of my usual embellishment.  Be forewarned.

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Southland Tales – What The…?


Has anybody else seen this movie? Has anybody else even heard of this movie? I knew nothing about it and just watched it on a whim after seeing the title on the internet. How do I feel afterwards? Unsettled.

It’s another flick from Richard Kelly, who wrote/directed cult classic Donnie Darko. Thought Donnie Darko was a confusing, convoluted mind-f@*k? Ha, wait ’til you see this one; to strike a metaphor, Southland Tales is the quantum mechanics to Donnie Darko’s long division.

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