Beck Premieres New Track Online

Beck’sChemtrails,” the first track off his upcoming Danger Mouse-produced Modern Guilt, is now streaming from the singer-songwriter’s official website. The track shows Beck going the psychedelic route this time around, and a very exciting departure it is from 2006‘s “The Information“.


Modern Guilt still doesn’t have an official release date, but sources say June is a safe bet.

For more on Beck-Danger Mouse’s collaboration go here.



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2 responses to “Beck Premieres New Track Online

  1. Jon D

    For those hip-hop listeners who want to hear Danger Mouse’s work chek out The Black Album by Jay-Z and for experimental hip -hop chek out DangerDoom
    The Mouse and The Mask album.

  2. utopia901

    If you were referring to Jay-Z’s & Danger Mouse collaboration, you probably meant “The Grey Album”.

    “The Black Album” is Jay Z’s 2003 release.

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