‘Lost’ Explained?





So lets talk ABC’s “Lost” for a minute. After a particularly grueling time last ½ season, its great to see Lost return with a healthy dose of what made the show great in the first place. Highly Imaginative Writing with Substance. Who knows? Maybe the writer’s strike was the best thing that happened to the show.

Here at The RandT, we have a certain impatience with stupidity and ephemera. Things were getting slow, real slow. We believe that everything taking place this season should’ve happened last season, but we can’t get everything we want in life. After 3 seasons of weaving seemingly endless-convoluted-sub-plots, mysteries, people disappearing, and walls of smoke, we are finally getting some answers!

This season has done a great job of bringing the dense Lost mythology full circle and giving us a glimpse of what the entire story is about.

 Here is what we think the story is thus far…

A special place on earth is discovered. An Island that presents “unnatural” phenomena and manifestations that could potentially change our current views and understanding on science and religion. But like anything of such magnitude, a struggle to control it ensues.

We now believe this struggle is happening between the Hanso Foundation, Ben Linus and the Widmore Corporation.

Although their is strong evidence showing a closer connection between Widmore and Hanso Foundation, we are running with this for now.

A cutting edge scientific community, The Hanso Foundation launches a massive project, The Dharma Initiative on the Island to research, investigate and interact with the Island’s properties. The Dharma Initiative builds a network of research stations throughout the island and draft highly gifted people to become part of the project’s community on the Island.

This is where things get a bit hazy for us. We know that Ben Linus, the leader of the Others, wiped out the true (or was it?) Dharma Initiative by gassing their camp.

We suspect that (1) Ben was led to annihilate the Dharma Initiative through Widmore’s influence and that Ben may have inadvertently worked for Widmore and later broken off- explaining why Widmore now wants Ben dead. Or (2) Ben continued the work of the Dharma Initiative and successfully led community life on the island for several years. It’s likely he mislead (or worked out an arrangement with) the original Dharma Initiative (since we know he was outside sponsorship and incoming supplies) and assumed control of the Island. In this case, Widmore might have found out Ben was the leader and that’s why he wants him killed.

Regardless, it puts Ben at the helm.

That is, until Oceanic Flight 816 crashed on the island, leaving 2 groups of survivors caught in the crossfire of the Widmore-Dharma Initiative/Ben conflict. Of course, Widmore Corp. cannot afford to let survivors make the truth about the Island public and so, fakes the plane crash to mislead authorities and keep the Island a secret. It gives Widmore Corp. the chance to eliminate Ben, the survivors and ownership over the Island it had spent years trying to re-locate.

And the takeover is where we are at the moment.

About the future, we know quite a few things. We know the Oceanic 6, the last survivors to make it off the Island. We know that Ben goes to war with Charles Widmore. We know that Sayid has become an assassin for Ben. We know that Kate and Jack hooked up after coming back, but are no longer together as we caught a glimpse of an unstable alcoholic Jack begging Kate to go back to the Island in last season’s finale. We know that Hurley is crazy and frequently chats with Charlie, who died last season. It all adds to up to quite promising story lines and closure for this extensive, imaginative and sometimes drawn-out epic.

So, lets recap: Special place on Earth. Big corporations and big scientific organizations try to gain control of it. A plane crashes and the survivors get caught in the middle, while witnessing crazy stuff they had never seen before. 6 survive and get off the Island, each parting with his or her own set of consequences.

All in all, not a bad story. If we are right, all the supernatural events, the weird magnetic fields, the black monster in the jungle, the roaming polar bears, the freakishly timed rainfalls, Locke being able to walk, Hurley forever overweight – none of those mysteries will need much explaining if you just say the Island was special.  

An anomaly of our world. Discovered by science and controlled by man’s thirst for power.

Even the most reasonable person would be OK with that.

But don’t go running off into the sunset quite yet. You’re still faced with the daunting task of explaining the vividly drawn connections between the show’s characters. And why the show played down coincidence so much. And why did Michelle Rodriguez accept yet another angry, tough, Hispanic, tomboy character? 

No clue yet, but we’ll wait and continue our purgative watching.


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