An Awesome Birthday!

So… pretty good day today!! This one really didn’t hurt that much. Had a great day of just hanging out at home with my family and letting myself get distracted with gifts. It helped cushion the big 32!!

So here’s how I did…

  • Package deal of 4 new DVD’s to add to my collection. 4 greats from master Pedro Almodovar (Volver, What Have I Done to Deserve This?, Kika, The Law of Desire). 
  • An Awesome Fight Club T-Shirt
  • An Awesome Fight Club Mug (What? You got  a problem?)
  • The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents: America (The Book) A Guide to Democracy Inaction. (The book is pretty hysterical)
  • A Surprise Party last Saturday
  • Tickets to watch THE KILLS rip it downtown at the House Of Blues, Dallas later on this month
  • A crumbly, moist, rich, diabolically delicious, walnuts and chocolate chip infused, melt-in-your-mouth, Devil’s Food homemade Birthday Cake.
  • Starbucks Gift Cards
  • Wine Glasses
  • No underwear, socks or handkerchiefs!

Not too shabby at all, I must say. Thanks for a great birthday!!! 

Much love,




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2 responses to “An Awesome Birthday!

  1. Rebecca

    AHHHHHHHHH sounds like you had fun….sorry I had to miss due to a stupid art freaking studio opening.

  2. utopia901

    No Problem, Becky. We have to get together soon.
    Haven’t seen you in a while. Thanks for the post. Its awesome to see you drop in.


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