Boo to the Number 32

I do not like the number 32.


I do not like it at all.

That’s why I’d like to say Boo to you,


Boo to 32 is a ball!

The #32 makes me feel like inviting mom over for movie night and then make her watch Waterworld, Howard the Duck and C.H.U.D. Back-to-back. 

#32 reminds you of how you feel when you realize that the closest you’ll ever come to stealing free Internet off your neighbor’s network is dry-humping your antenna. Or how you feel when your teacher says looks are not important, and that what truly counts is what is inside your heart. Like that Tyra Bank’s obese episode where she went overweight undercover to explore the plight of obese women.

She cried later, you know. 

And yes…, that was Tyra in Victoria Secret’s cybertronic-hybrid expansion bra, Z-900 campaign.

I’m just kidding. It’s my birthday tomorrow. That’s All.

Sorry Tyra.




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