Worst Album Covers Ever!!

Wondering what are some of the worst album covers ever? NME is compiling a pretty cool list and letting you vote on them. We had a blast with it and have our favorites here for you. We will continue to add as we scour the Internet for more horrifyingly bad album cover art!!

Fabio “After Dark”                                    Cher “Take Me Home”                           Paddy Roberts “Songs for Gay Dogs”



Manowar “Anthology”                  Freddie Gage “All My Friends Are Dead”        Andrew W.K. “I Get Wet”


The Louvin Bros. “Satan is Real”      Orleans “Waking & Dreaming”        Millie Jackson “Back to the S__t!”



The Ministers Quartet “Let me Touch Him”   Tino “Por Primera Vez”           Dwarves “The Dwarves Must Die”



Prince “Prince”                                   The Frivolous 5 “Sour Cream…”          Walton Jennings “Ladies Love Outlaws”




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