The Death of XP

Its official. In spite of thousands of protests, lobbying efforts and special petitions to keep Windows XP on the market, Microsoft has announced it will shut down its Window XP line June 30th ceasing sales of Windows XP Professional and Windows XP Home to retailers and direct OEM’s.

Following the announcement, online forums and blogs have attracted impassioned consumer comments opposed to the decision by the software giant. On the IT website InfoWorld, Galen Gruman launched a ‘Save Windows XP‘ online campaign that has received 111,543 responses to date.

With the disappearance of Windows XP computers from retailers and the phasing out of technical support looms, an increasing number of Window XP blogs are adopting a panicked tone. And with good reason…

Although here at The RandT we are Mac users, we understand how users have grown accustomed to a particular OS and the difficulty to transition to a new one. Moreover, the Vista OS release has done an interestingly efficient job of dividing the Microsoft platform user camp – with one side ardently advocating the migration to Vista as a crucial necessity, whilst the other side isn’t really seeing the need. We tend to side with the latter for 2 very special reasons:

  1. Head on over to super-awesome Tom’s Hardware website (even as Mac users we love these guys) and check out this very accurate match up between Vista and XP. They found very little improvement in many areas and little-to-no reason why you should shell out all the extra money on the needed hardware required to run the very bulky Vista.
  2. Travis and I visited BEST BUY shortly after the Vista release. And in order to get a true sense of the OS, we test drove it across a few top notch setups, including some really high-end HP’s, Vaio’s and Compaq. We successfully crashed Vista across the board. And we are just your regular run-of-the-mill, day-to-day intermediate-computing dudes!!

And lets not forget businesses worried about staying competitive and wondering if the switch is worth it. Amongst the concerns about Vista are the amount of computer memory and space it requires (Vista runs a significantly higher amount of services due to its security enhancements-all which take their toll on system resources) its seemingly slower speed and frustration over the fact that third-party drivers for some printers and other devices are still unavailable.

In an apparent attempt to pacify XP users, Microsoft recently extended the availability of Windows XP Home for ultra-low-cost PCs until 2010, and system builders will be able to sell Windows XP until January 2009.

As ex-Windows users, we can only wish the best of luck to those of you who actually paid for Windows XP. 

And consider a switch to Mac. You’ll look much cooler at Starbucks. We promise.





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