Week in Review – Random Notes

Although not your atypical Sunday through Saturday monthly quarter, I must say it’s been an engrossing, rather riveting week for me. The nether events that have taken place as of last Wednesday have not only been a source of utter awe, but… well…, we’ll let you decide! Lets review:

Chinese Democracy is finalized, Obama is an alleged elitist, Stone Temple Pilots are out and about, Bret Michaels picked Ambre and The RandT‘s research team found that Dr. Phil is actually not a licensed psychologist in California or Texas. Ahh… and we thought mid-April would be another snooze-fest!!!

For starters, China is still a proud and joyous communism. For all you hopefuls, the democracy we were referring to was Guns n’ Roses’ 14-year-in-the-making sixth album “Chinese Democracy”. Our beloved screechy, corn-rolled, quick-tempered curmudgeon Axl Rose has purportedly handed over to Geffen Records a finalized copy of the long-awaited album reported to have cost close to $13 million.  Here at The RandT, we’d like to make a quick suggestion: Go Lo-Fi next time…

In related news, we were surprised to hear about Velvet Revolver’s very public break-up and the very sudden resurrection of Stone Temple Pilots. STP, as their fanatical “he’s-not-trying-to-be-Eddie-Vedder-…-for-reals” fans call them, announced last Monday a massive sixty-five city North American tour. What’s interesting is that it leaves Velvet Revolver without a lead singer… and with Axl running around without Buckethead sponsorship… makes you wonder where do we go, where do we go now?

On a very different note, is the “bitter voter” comment Obama’s equivalent to Howard Dean’s campaign-stopping “Hiyaaaa????!!!” Ahhh, the trials of political life. And of course as a quick offense tactic, the Clinton camp has jumped all over it, accusing Obama of elitism, in an effort to resurrect an otherwise stagnant campaign. Who knows? This just might be the blunder Hillary needed… especially after The RandT made this photo public.




In TV news, VH-1 wrapped up its top-rated reality show, cringe-fest Rock of Love Season 2. As Poison’s lead singer, Bret Michaels seeks love amidst a collective of viciously mediocre editing, astonishingly bad hair weaves and the excesses of the hard rock life (golf in Vegas and shows at retired vet homes?) we languished in a heightened sense of ennui at the possibility of this season being the last one.

In last week’s season finale, Bret set aside his unexplained lust for silicon infused, blow-up doll look-alike Daisy and announced Ambre, a real-life cheerleader version of Glenn Close’s character in Fatal Attraction on Ritalin, as his Rock of Love. And it was well deserved. Especially after Ambre, 37, literally destroyed her knees and legs in a mud football challenge and spent the rest of the show making us recoil in pain at the sight of her bludgeoned shins. However, she would turn around and make us drool with her rock solid torso. SO… all in all, it was this ability to blur the line between commiseration and lust that won us over. Good Job, Ambre! Now break-up already. We can’t wait for another season so we can punish ourselves every Sunday night by witnessing every possible mistake and everything that is unholy about reality TV. Our friends say they would much rather self-flagellate.

Finally, The RandT‘s research team (comprised primarily by Ninja Dwarves and a talking unicorn) came across the surprising news that Dr. Phil is under investigation for practicing psychology without a license in California (he is not licensed in his home state of Texas either). Angry bloggers all over the World Wide Web (not us… really) have done a great job of making this information public. A complaint was registered by another psychologist in California, citing HIPAA violations and board regulatory standards regarding the release of patient info. What a lot of people don’t know, is that in 2002, the California Board of Psychology convened a panel to decide if he was acting as a clinical psychologist on his show and in need of a license. They determined that what he was “practicing” was entertainment, not psychology, and passed on regulating him.

Still, the complaint may be well founded and the charge is considered a felony in California. So, while we all wait around and see what’s what… head on over to the online Dr. Phil store and get yourself a Dr. Phil Shirt. Hurry, cause they’re on sale for $10.98!!




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  1. Jon D

    Lol! That’s all I can write Lol!

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