The Guru of Google


Please head on over to Rolling and read this fantastic profile on Dr. Larry Brilliant, an unlikely soul that is truly helping shape our world.

“In the Sixties, he dropped acid with Woodstock impresario Wavy Gravy; in the Seventies, he delivered a baby during the Native American occupation of Alcatraz, followed spiritual seeker Ram Dass to an ashram in the Himalayas and helped eradicate smallpox in India; in the Eighties, he led an effort to restore sight to blind people in the developing world and co-founded the Well, a pioneering online forum”.

“In Brilliant’s view, what the planet needs today is not simply the invention of a cleaner way to generate energy or better schools in developing nations, but a transformation of human consciousness”.

Read more on Brilliant’s “hybrid philanthropy” and Google’s ambitious push to wake up the sleepy old world of so-called humanitarianism here.


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